About Us

Creative gifts with a personal touch designed with real emotion.

Looking for a special gift that delivers your message? Something that triggers emotion and gets remembered for years? You've come to the right place. Hillary's specializes in custom and hand made gifts that tell a story - and create memories. Why just give a gift when you can convey a feeling that has impact? From individual personal messages to large corporate events, Hillary's will get people talking and keep the buzz alive for years to come. 

The staff at Hillary’s is dedicated to helping you select memorable gifts that will delight friends, family, and colleagues. We work closely together to ensure that you experience exceptional and personalized service—even when you order online. We are as close as the telephone or the web, and of course, you are always welcome to visit our store in Hopkins, Minnesota. Get to know us! We are your gift-giving team.

Is your gift need business oriented? These seemingly “one-off” gifts are often part of a larger picture. Do you need to develop comprehensive a plan to nurture people that matter to you and your organization? Learn more about our approach at askhillarys.com

head-shot.jpgHillary Feder, Founder and Owner

Since 1989, Hillary has made it her personal quest to find and create distinctive gifts for business, friends, and family that will become valued keepsakes for those who receive them. She is the owner, researcher, marketer, cheerleader, and chief strategist for the company. The company began in her home and now serves hundreds of business and individual customers every year. After graduating from the Boston University School of Management, Hillary began as an assistant buyer in retail at Filene's department store in Boston. She also spent seven years as a senior buyer with Dayton-Hudson department stores.


claudia.jpgClaudia Boysen, Office Manager

Claudia makes the day-to-day business operations run like clockwork. She is responsible for financial management, administrative management, and customer service. Claudia’s skills are focused on the highest level of accuracy, and in a business with lots of details, that makes for happy customers. Claudia received a bachelor of science degree from St. Cloud State University. Prior to joining Hillary’s, Claudia held positions in accounting and administrative management.



large-hillary-066-lores-cynthia.jpegCynthia Johnson, Gift Presentation and Distribution Manager

Cynthia ensures that all gifts meet the highest standards of quality. She also makes certain that they are packaged beautifully and arrive at their destination like a party waiting to happen! Cynthia graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Stout with a bachelor of science degree. Prior to joining Hillary’s, Cynthia held positions as a kindergarten teacher and executive director of a child care center.


tami.jpgTami Husnick, Creative Services Manager

Tami’s amazing eye for design assures that customers receive beautiful, personalized gifts to leave lasting impressions. An expert in hand art, layouts, and store merchandising, Tami holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from the St. Paul School of Art and Design. Prior to joining Hillary’s in 1994, Tami worked as an artist for Three Fish and as a graphic designer for Lily Valley newspaper.