Invitation Prep and Mailing Tips


  • Place invitation with the text up.
  • Place reception card on top, with text facing up.
  • Number response cards on back.
  • Number guest list to coordinate with numbers on response cards.
    If a guest forgets to put his/her name on response card you will know who is responding
  • Affix postage to reply card envelope and tuck reply card under flap.
  • Place reply card and other accessory cards on top of reception card by size, placing the smallest accessory on the top.
  • Insert the invitation and all accessories into the envelope.
  • After sealing envelope stack in groups, place under a stack of books.
    This will ensure the seal is tight on the envelope and the enclosures will not fall out
  • Hand cancel your invitations.
    This is the best protection for them arriving at their destination in the condition that they weremailed.